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With These Tips, You will Relax on Honeymoon


The word is given, the ring shines on your finger, and you have full love with all your dear friends and family around you. After a busy period, the time has finally come to go on a honeymoon together. We often have a romantic picture including sky-high expectations. With these tips, you start a little more relaxed on your honeymoon.

Your first holiday as a married couple, that is special. The one plant a tour with camper through America, the other books a holiday in favourite Italy or, if the bank account is less filled, a cultural city trip to Paris or Berlin. Whatever the destination of your honeymoon, we all have an idea of ​​what the perfect honeymoon looks like.

Many couples, however, are tired after their marriage and want nothing more than to recover. There is a lot associated with a wedding, especially if you arrange it all yourself.

All the more reason to plan enough time to rest after your wedding day. Make sure you include enough vacation days for your honeymoon and agree with your employer well in advance.

Use a few of those days just before your wedding and the rest for the honeymoon. It is not wise to board the plane the day after your wedding. First allow yourself a few days at home, where you can both enjoy afterwards, unpack gifts, chat with each other and catch up on few hours of sleep.

If you plan your honeymoon, make sure that you build in enough peace. Go and see what you need and what gives you both the most relaxation. A honeymoon is about spending time together and not ticking off a to-do list of attractions.

Would you like the sun, do you fancy a hotel or rather a house, do you want to do a lot of active things or not? Ask each other these questions before you book your honeymoon and then adjust your travel location accordingly.

Were you always planning to travel around the world and does your honeymoon seem the ideal moment for this? Look carefully if this is true. You can also make a world tour if you have been married for a year. You have just finished a period with many impressions, emotions and feelings. The subject is whether it makes sense to immediately put an impressive journey around the world, while you are still full of your marriage.

Finally, it works wonders when you mention when booking a hotel that it is a honeymoon. In many cases, you get an upgrade, and you will soon be in a luxury honeymoon suite. Do not forget to bring your wedding book!

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