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Will Your Hair become Thinner? This Could be the Reason!


Thinning hair is not only a problem that occurs in men. More and more women experience thinning hair by, among other things, genetics, environmental factors and the way they care for their hair and styles.

The most common reasons for thinning hair and its solution. Here they come:

You always make the divorce in the same place
You are by no means the only one who always has his or her hair in the same divorce. But did you recognise that this is not so good for your hair?

By occasionally letting your hair fall into a different position, you can give your crown space to keep breathing. If you leave your hair in the same part for too long, it will become heavier at that place.

This allows it to break down faster. This explains all those baby hairs that you often see around your divorce. Besides that it is better for your hair, it just gives you another coup!

You wear a tight, high tail during exercise
A tail is a comfortable and convenient solution, but in some cases, it does more harm than good. If you have your hair in a tight tail, and then also move a lot, it can cause the hair to come under high stress, and therefore release the hair follicles.

Unnecessarily, therefore, fix your hair with a loose rubber band during exercise or, for example, insert a hair band.

You keep the hair dryer too close to your hair when you dry your hair
According to the experts, you should always keep your hair dryer 2 to 5 centimetres away from your hair and your hairbrush. If you blow your hair too close, it could cause weaker hair, after which it will fail.

“Start by stroking the hair with your fingers and hair dryer from the scalp to the ends until it is 80% dry, after which you can use your brush to help prevent more damage to the hair.

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