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WHO is Tempering Expectations About Vaccine Availability


It will take until at least mid-2021 before large-scale vaccination against the coronavirus can be carried out. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns against this, even though the development of several vaccines is at an advanced stage.


The whole world is eagerly awaiting a vaccine against corona. And the expectation is that a vaccine should be available within a few months or even weeks.

On Tuesday, for example, Minister Hugo de Jonge said he hoped to “receive the first vaccines in the first months of 2021”.

But a WHO spokeswoman is now tempering high expectations. “We know at least six to nine (vaccines) are well underway with the research.” But, she says, “on a realistic timeframe, we really don’t expect a large-scale vaccination until the middle of next year.”

Under normal circumstances, it takes months or even years for health authorities to approve a candidate vaccine to make sure it is safe. But due to the scale of the corona pandemic, the pressure is growing to accelerate the approval of corona vaccines.

Currently, according to the WHO, 34 vaccine candidates are being tested in humans in different stages. And there are another 142 in the pipeline.

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