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Wanted American Who Stormed Capitol, Requests Asylum in Belarus


An American who wanted to participate in the US Capitol storming earlier this year has fled to Belarus and has applied for asylum.


State broadcaster Belarus 1 reported this, which interviewed the 48-year-old man in Brest, near the Polish border.

Evan Neumann was one of the Americans who attacked the Capitol on January 6. Then, in March, he fled to Ukraine. He stayed there for several months but travelled to Belarus because Ukrainian authorities continued to follow him, the man himself says.

Neumann is wanted by the FBI and has been charged with various charges related to the storming of the Capitol.

An FBI report on the man states that according to his own LinkedIn profile, Neumann allegedly participated in the “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine in 2004 and 2005. That revolution brought a pro-Western government to power.

According to the FBI report, during the storming of the Capitol, Neumann wore a scarf concerning the Orange Revolution, which is available on the US Department of Justice website.

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