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US Threaten Additional Taxes on 200 Billion of Chinese Products

The United States has drawn up a list of $ 200 billion of Chinese products on which they are likely to levy additional import duties from September. That is what the American trade representatives announced on Tuesday, reports Press Cube.


With the new levies, the Americans are pushing the trade tensions with China further at the peak. Last Friday, US import duties of 25 percent were introduced for 34 billion dollars in Chinese products. China immediately announced countermeasures.

“As a result of China’s retaliatory measures and the failure to change its practices, the president has ordered to start the process of imposing 10 percent import duties on an additional $ 200 billion of Chinese imports,” said trade representative Robert Lighthizer.

The list of affected products has almost two hundred pages and includes food products, chemicals, minerals, tobacco, electronics and office supplies.

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