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US President is Going to Call the Murder of Armenians Genocide


President Joe Biden is the first American leader to recognize the murder of 1.5 million Armenians over a century ago as genocide. He defies NATO ally Turkey with this American media report.


The Ankara government states that there were Armenian victims during World War I in the then Ottoman Empire, but it was not genocide.

Biden is expected to explicitly speak of genocide on Saturday, on the 106th anniversary of the murders that began in 1915. The Ottoman Empire, a predecessor of present-day Turkey, then fought against Russia in Armenia.

Biden had already promised to recognize the genocide during his election campaign, and Democratic party members are now calling on him to do so: come to an end. ” The American parliament already called the murders at the end of 2019 genocide.

While Biden’s historical recognition has no legal ramifications, it will infuriate Ankara, the media said. The Turks insist that no genocide took place and that both sides committed atrocities during the war. Biden’s move could further flare up tensions with Turkey. Turkish President Erdogan on Thursday promised to “defend the truth” against those who support the “genocide lie”.

Dozens of countries have previously called the mass murder genocide. Earlier this year, the House of Representatives in The Hague called on the government to take the same step. Turkey then said that the move was “aimed at rewriting history based on political motives”.

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