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US: North Korean Missile Launch Threat to Neighbouring Countries

In a few days, the second missile launch by North Korea has underscored the danger posed by the country’s armaments program, the US military said in response to the launch on Thursday.


The South Korean army summit previously reported that North Korea had fired another missile. According to US military intelligence sources, they were two missiles.

In addition to the United States, the South Korean National Security Council has also responded with deep concern to the missile launches by the North. The Americans have announced that they will continue to observe the situation and to consult with their allies South Korea and Japan. Details about the North Korean missile launch are not yet available, a US government official has said.

South Korean military joint chiefs of staff reported on Thursday that North Korea launched an unidentified object from the east coast and that the object would have landed in the sea. The Japanese coast guard also warned earlier that a missile might have been fired from the Stalinist-led People’s Republic.

This weekend, North Korea already fired several short-range missiles from its west coast. Afterwards, it turned out to be cruise missiles. Initially, the launch was seen as a possible provocation towards South Korea and the United States.

Afterwards, it became clear that it was probably a test of the North Korean weapons systems, which is also permitted under the UN Security Council’s rules. At the time, the United States and South Korea still reacted stoically to the first missile launch by North Korea since Joe Biden’s US presidency.

The Americans said they are still open to dialogue with North Korea, which the Kim Jong-un regime is refusing for the time being. Former President Donald Trump was in regular contact with Kim Jong-un, but the rapprochement failed on the US demand to dismantle the nuclear program. Kim saw nothing in that.

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