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US Elite Soldier and Son Arrested for Help With Flight Machine Magnate Ghosn

A former US Army elite soldier was arrested this morning at his home in Harvard for allegedly helping Brazilian auto magnate Carlos Ghosn flee Japan.


The son of ex-command Michael Taylor (59) has also been arrested on suspicion.

The US Marshals Service arrested 59-year-old Taylor and his son on charges filed in Japan earlier this year.

Father and son are trapped in the Norfolk County Correctional Facility and may be extradited later to Japan where they must face trial for alleged involvement in Ghosn’s “escape”.

The fallen car magnate is suspected of financial malpractice when he was at the helm of Nissan and Renault. Ghosn was under house arrest pending trial but managed to flee to Lebanon in December.

He is said to have travelled by hyper train from Tokyo to Kansai International Airport and booked a hotel there for his flight via Istanbul and to Beirut.

Investigations from the Japanese judiciary revealed that Taylor, a former commando, had flown from Dubai to Japan on a private jet on the day of the escape.

The device contained two large prepared instrument cases. In one of those suitcases he eventually hid Ghosn, Boston Goble quotes the charges.

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