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US Aviation Authority Wants High Fines for Nuisance Passengers


The US aviation authority Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants to impose heavy fines on passengers who cause a nuisance on aircraft.


The number of incidents involving nuisance passengers in the United States is increasing sharply, for example, because they refuse to wear a mandatory face mask.

The FAA has already announced this year that it plans to impose more than $1 million in fines on passengers who misbehave on aircraft. Those fines can run up to tens of thousands of dollars. Since the beginning of this year, the FAA has already received 3,889 reports of nuisance passengers, of which 2,867 people refused to wear masks.

Earlier this week, the US government announced that it would extend the mask requirement for airports, planes and also trains until January 18.

According to the director of the FAA, alcohol often plays a role in nuisance on aircraft. Therefore, he urges airports to prevent travellers from taking alcoholic beverages onboard. In addition, the FAA has a zero-tolerance policy against nuisance passengers.

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