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Two Dead and Eight Injured in Protest in Afghan Capital Kabul


In the Afghan capital, Kabul, the Taliban have fired warning shots into the air to disperse protesting Afghans. A local doctor said two people were killed and eight injured.


Hundreds of demonstrators had taken to the streets to protest for women’s rights, greater freedom and against Pakistan’s meddling.

Several hundred protesting Afghans had gathered in the capital Kabul, including at the Pakistani embassy, chanting anti-Pakistani slogans. They also carried placards with texts such as “ISI, stay away”. ISI refers to the Pakistani intelligence service.

The head of Pakistan’s intelligence service ISI, Faiz Hameed, was in Kabul yesterday. He had meetings with the leaders of the Taliban. The demonstrators wondered why the head of Pakistan’s intelligence service visited the Taliban. Pakistan traditionally maintains good ties with the Taliban, but the protesters accuse the neighbouring country of meddling.

The Taliban let the demonstration go on for a while but then fired into the air to disperse the demonstrators. They also destroyed a vehicle at the head of the parade and allegedly took cameras from journalists. News channel ToloNews also reported that one of its cameramen was arrested and held for three hours.

In recent days, women have taken to the streets in various Afghan cities for, among other things, women’s rights and representation in the new government of the Taliban. At several of those protests, the Taliban dispersed the women with tear gas and pepper spray.

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