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Trump Will Visit Great Britain In July

Trump will visit Great Britain in July. US President Donald Trump will visit Great Britain in the summer of this year, probably mid-July. Reported by several English and American newspapers.


The spokesman for British Prime Minister Theresa May said that both governments are still negotiating on many details, says EYE News.

Both the British and the Americans want to sustain the special bond between the two countries, especially in the light of the imminent departure of the British from the European Union.

Earlier plans for a visit from Trump to Britain were not in good shape. A majority of the British would prefer Trump to stay at home. Thousands of people have announced that they are going to demonstrate against the president and his state visit.

Trump cancelled a previously scheduled working visit to London late last year, presumably because of threatening mass protests. May was the first European leader to visit Trump after joining in January last year.

An official state visit had been hanging above the market for some time, but it still did not happen.

Whether the planned tour of Trump will be a working visit or an official state visit, including a meeting with Queen Elizabeth, is not yet known.

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