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Trump Offers Boris Johnson for Doctors Help

US President Donald Trump has volunteered to help doctors of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and he said at a White House news conference Monday after it was revealed that Johnson is on intensive care.


Johnson tested positive for the new coronavirus ten days ago and was sick at home.

Because the fever persisted and he became breathless, the 55-year-old British prime minister was admitted to hospital on Sunday evening.

His situation deteriorated, and he spent the night in the intensive care unit, but he would be stable again.

The news has also reached the other side of the ocean, and President Trump is eager to help Johnson. “We will see if we can help. We contacted all of Boris’s doctors, “said the President of the United States.

According to him, pharmaceutical companies are developing medicines for COVID-19, lung disease caused by the virus.

“These companies are in London and are ready (…) When one has lung disease COVID-19 and is on intensive care, that is very, very bad. We are unfortunate, and all Americans pray for his recovery. “

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