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Trump Hits Back Hard After Michelle Obama’s Speech: She is Divisive

US President Donald Trump has lashed out at former first lady Michelle Obama.


On Monday on the first day of the National Democratic Convention, he left no stone unturned of his presidency. Among other things, she called him “the wrong president for America.”

It is growing over his head, said Michelle Obama in a video message.

Whenever we look to this White House for a little bit of leadership or comfort or any semblance of steadfastness, we instead get chaos, division, and a total and utter lack of empathy.

When Trump was later asked about a response by a reporter, he was irritated. “It grows above her head,” he said. “She should have done her speech live, by the way.

She didn’t. She pre-recorded him. Not only was it pre-recorded, but she also did it a long time ago. Because she had the wrong number of deaths (from corona, Obama spoke of more than 150,000 deaths while there are now more than 170,000, ed.).

She didn’t even mention the vice presidential candidate (Kamala Harris, who was nominated last week).”

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