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Trump Doesn’t Want the Top Advisor to Testify for Trump Haters

Renowned American immunologist Anthony Fauci should not testify before the U.S. House of Representatives this week because Democrats are in the majority there.


That said US President Donald Trump, who thereby contradicts the official statement of the White House.

The White House recently prevented Fauci from speaking to a House committee on the corona crisis. The members wanted to ask the immunologist questions on May 6.

However, a White House spokesman said it is “counterproductive” to have key medical officials testify before Congress (parliament) while they have their hands full in the fight against the coronavirus.

Trump now emphasizes that Fauci may testify before Congress, but not in the opposition-dominated lower house. “The House is a trap. It is made up of Trump haters,” said the President. “They’ve added all Trump haters to that committee.”

Trump has no objection if his top advisor goes to the Senate. His Republican Party has the most seats in that upper house.

Democrats have criticized the corona policy of the government, much to Trump’s annoyance. “The House should be ashamed and the Democrats should be ashamed because they don’t want us to succeed,” said the President.

“They want us to fail so they can win an election, but they are not going to win,” said Trump, who hopes to be reelected in November.

Fauci, who is a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, is expected to appear before a Senate committee on May 12. That is why other senior health officials make their appearance there.

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