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Top Advisor Biden Calls Trump’s Legal Position Hopeless

A top adviser to US President-elect Biden says President Trump is in a “hopeless legal position.” Rob Bauer refers to Trump’s plans to try to hold on to power with the help of politicians from his Republican Party in the state of Michigan.


No state has ever done what Trump intended, says legal adviser Bauer. What Trump wants to do is not allowed, he says.

The constitution does not allow Michigan lawmakers to reverse the election results, the adviser claims. Trump wants to see Republican leaders from Michigan at the White House later Friday to discuss his strategy.

Bauer keeps an eye on the ballot box for Biden. The future president’s birthday is today. He turned 78 years old.

In Michigan, Biden got the most votes, but in the state, Trump’s Republicans have the majority in parliament.

The president’s lawyers are said to want to make use of this. His legal team wants parliaments of states to appoint electors. These ultimately determine who is the winner of the elections.

Trump insists malpractice and fraud were surrounding the election. He refuses to admit defeat. Credible evidence of large-scale fraud has not yet been provided. Still, a recent poll shows that many Trump supporters do not trust the election results.

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