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Thieves Plunder German Museum’s Treasury: Greatest Art Theft in Post-War History


Burglars smacked this morning at historical museum Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault) in Dresden, Germany, along with stole antique historic jewellery. Depending on the German press, this might be “the biggest artwork burglary in post-war history.” The perpetrators have got fled.


The perpetrators damaged a exhibit circumstance this morning around 5 a.m. and also have robbed three gemstone jewellery sets through the eighteenth century. This consists of a set with twenty elements then one with 37 parts.

In accordance with the German newspapers Bild, the jewellery is worth a billion euros, however the basic director from the Marion Ackermann museum cannot communicate the worth exactly. In accordance with her, the fabric worth is much less than the ethnic relevance.

The director released in a push convention the taken jewels were not covered. They had been owned by the Property of Saxony for such quite a while, and in accordance with her, it is normal that they will no longer be insured at any time.

Based upon Ackermann, the security support is at the home throughout the burglary, though the robbery could not necessarily avoided, as well as the perpetrators managed to get away from.

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