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Theresa May Suffers New Defeat For Brexit

Theresa May Suffers New Defeat For Brexit. Once again a British Prime Minister Theresa May has suffered a defeat in the Upper House, reported by the FOX News Point.


A majority of this so-called House of Lords put a stop to the Prime Minister’s plan to break ties with EU agencies with the Brexit.

With 298 against 227 votes, an amendment adopted with which Great Britain continues to participate in or maintain formal ties with agencies after leaving the union.

May suffers one defeat after the other in the House of Lords. Last month, the House of Lords, for example,

 determined that the parliament would have more power to reject the ultimate conditions for withdrawing from the EU.

There was also a majority for an amendment of the law on departure from the EU, which means that Great Britain can remain a member of the Customs Union, while May wants to get out of it.

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