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There Will Be No Ban On the Publication of A Book About President Trump

There will be no ban on the publication of a book about President Trump and his family.


A judge in New York has ruled that the book written by Mary Trump about her uncle does not undermine the national interest and that a case about a possible ban is not appropriate. That’s what Mary Trump’s lawyer told CNN.

The Trump family wanted to stop the publication of the allegedly revealing book about the President and his family. The writer of Too Much and Never Enough is President Trump’s only niece, Mary.

Robert Trump, the younger brother of the President who wanted to bring the case, cited as an additional argument for a ban that violated Mary’s 2000 family secrecy agreements.

The publisher praises the book about the ‘toxic’ family as the ‘dark history’ of the family clan.

Mary Trump is the only family member who wanted to reveal the truth about one of the most potent and broken families in the world, according to the publisher on his website.

Mary Trump, a psychologist, spent much of her childhood in the grandparents’ house in New York, witnessing countless family gatherings and parties.

She is the daughter of Donald’s late brother Fred. The book should be published at the end of July.

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