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The Wife of the British Prince Harry Meghan Markle Flew Back to Canada

The wife of the British prince Harry, Meghan Markle, has flown back to Canada. A spokeswoman for the Duchess of Sussex and Buckingham Palace confirmed this on Friday.


The Duchess of Sussex left shortly after she and her husband announced on Wednesday evening that the couple is stepping aside as a prominent member of the royal family.

Harry and Meghan celebrated Christmas in Canada and had an “extended” holiday there for six weeks.

The prince stayed behind in Great Britain.

His office has started emergency talks with the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William about the new role that the Duke and Duchess may have and how to finance it, according to the commercial channel.

Contrary to previous reports, their son Archie is still in Canada, under the care of a babysitter. When the mother and child return to Great Britain is unclear. Harry himself has a public obligation again on Thursday.

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