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The United States is Removing Part of the Army from the Gulf Region

The United States has begun to dispose of some of the military equipment and troops in the Gulf region.


The Wall Street Journal reports that President Joe Biden has ordered this and that at least three Patriot air defence systems are now gone.

The paper writes that these are the first steps in Biden’s efforts to diminish US military influence over the Middle East. Some of the army capacity is reported to be deployed elsewhere in the world where it would be needed.

This could mean thousands of military personnel will leave the region over time, according to The Wall Street Journal.

At the end of last year, about 50,000 US servicemen were in the Gulf region. At the height of tensions between the administration of Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump and Iran two years ago, there were 90,000.

Thousands of soldiers, four Patriot air defence systems and other military equipment were sent to Saudi Arabia that year to protect US forces and the borders.

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