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The Decisive States Will Not Report the Result Until Thursday or Friday


The US elections will remain tense for at least another day. We are at present waiting for the results of the last states, and they are not expected to come until tomorrow or later. Those results will determine the final result.


Don’t hold your breath if you’re expecting the results today, because Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia are still busy counting. This means that the results are not likely to come until tomorrow or even Friday.

These states are also known as swing states, or states where the outcome is not necessarily fixed. All these states involve a significant number of electors, and both Trump and Biden need their support to win.

In Wisconsin there are ten electoral votes, the result is expected sometime tomorrow afternoon – our time. Wisconsin is a state where white workers have a significant say. They didn’t like Hillary Clinton. Trump unexpectedly won four years ago, but now Biden is leading with a small number of votes. In the polls, he had a much more prominent lead.

In Michigan, which may only give a definitive answer on Thursday morning, Trump is right in front, but Biden is catching up on him now that the votes are added by mail. Sixteen electors can be obtained here. Michigan, along with Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Minnesota, was one of the so-called blue wall states that used to almost automatically go to the Democrats.

The political climate in Michigan has been explosive for a while. A pro-Trump militia attacked the parliament building and wanted to kidnap the Democratic governor. The question is how a late defeat for Trump will fall there.

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