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The Debate Between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris Under A Magnifying Glass


US Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris will have their only debate in Salt Lake City on Wednesday.

This traditional confrontation of ‘running mates’ in the run-up to presidential elections usually receives relatively little attention. Still, it has been under a magnifying glass this year now that President Donald Trump (74) has become infected with the coronavirus.

The debate starts in the Netherlands at 3 a.m. on the night from Wednesday to Thursday and lasts ninety minutes. It may be the final debate between protagonists before the election.

Trump has indicated that he wants to debate again with his Democratic rival Joe Biden (77), but it is still unclear whether his health status allows this. The president is currently recovering from his corona infection in the White House.

That uncertainty means that the pressure on Vice President Pence will be high. Trump is well behind in national polls less than a month before the election, although the differences are smaller in some crucial ‘swing states’.

Tens of millions of Americans are likely watching Wednesday’s debate. The running mates must also show that they are ready to run the country in an emergency. Their bosses Trump and Biden are both in their seventies and belong to a high-risk group during the corona crisis.

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