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Tesla Truck is Delayed Due to Battery Shortage

The Tesla truck will only be produced sparsely this year. CEO Elon Musk of the maker of electric cars has announced this on Twitter.


The reason is that the company cannot produce enough batteries to produce the Tesla Semi, as the truck is called, on a large scale.

Musk had raised doubts last weekend whether Tesla could deliver trucks at all this year. Then he wrote on Twitter that there are “too many battery restrictions at the moment”. He added that “next year will probably be okay”.

On Tuesday, Musk was asked for some more explanation and indicated that the batteries’ situation makes it difficult to produce on a large scale in the short term.

Tesla introduced the Semi in 2017 with the original goal of bringing the truck to market in 2019. Last year, Musk informed Tesla staff in an email that it was time to ramp up production.

Pepsi, which has a large order for the electric trucks, announced last week that it expected 15 units to be delivered before the end of the year.

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