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Sugar in Fruit VS Sugar in Juice: How about that Now?


If we can believe the messages, eating sugar is almost criminal, and fruit juice would not be as healthy as it seems. But fruit, which naturally contains sugars, is still healthy?

What about it then?

Sugar causes your insulin levels to peak, and that causes the well-known sugar peaks and the even more famous dips afterwards. Moreover, the consumption of sugar is increasingly associated with overweight. Even products that you thought were healthy suddenly turn out to be less profitable.

Fruit juice is one of those products. Even unsweetened juice with nothing else added contains as much sugar as soft drinks. Also if you squeeze it yourself. Food experts therefore increasingly advise against drinking fruit juice. Does that mean that fruit contains too much sugar to be completely healthy? Rest assured: no.

Together with the naturally present sugars in fruit, you also get a lot of fibre when you eat a piece of fruit. They help your body to absorb the sugars more slowly. When you squeeze that same piece of fruit, some of those fibres break down, and the sugar is immediately incorporated.

What that means in concrete terms: two apples contain as much sugar as a can of soft drinks, but by eating them entirely (instead of pressing them) these sugars are slowly absorbed by your body, and you avoid sugar peaks. Sometimes you better choose a fruit salad than a smoothie.

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