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SpaceX Wants to Make Starlink Satellites Less Visible

SpaceX, the space company of Elon Musk, is looking at how it can make the many satellites it orbits around the Earth less visible. That reports BBC Thursday.


As part of the Starlink project, SpaceX launches large groups of satellites in orbit around the Earth, which are supposed to promote internet speed.

The most recent launch, the fourth this year and the seventh in total, took place Wednesday / yesterday.

The first sixty satellites were launched in May last year, a total of 12,000 are to be brought into orbit. Since the start of the project, the number of reports of strange constellations in heaven has increased sharply all over the world.

The satellites are visible as a streak of lights.

On Wednesday, the Belgian UFO hotline reported that it had received almost as many reports this year as in all of 2019, mainly due to the Starlink satellites.

For example, there was a peak of sightings on April 18 and 19, after a series of satellites were launched from Florida on March 18.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter on Wednesday that the company is “fixing” the brightness of the satellites. This would be the result of the way in which the solar panels are located on the satellites.

In addition, the Starlink satellites are quite close to Earth and quite large and have broad, flat surfaces that reflect the light.

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