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South Korean Cult Leader Accused of Sabotaging Corona Efforts

A cult leader was questioned in South Korea on Friday, suspected of wiping out the country’s efforts to contain the coronavirus.


Lee Man Hee, the founder of the Shincheonji Christian sect, was interrogated for hours in the city of Sewon. His interrogation had to be interrupted because the 88-year-old was feeling unwell, but more details are not known.

Lee is suspected of providing false information about meetings and membership numbers and destroying evidence. His organization denies the allegations.

Of the 13,672 corona infections detected to date in South Korea, more than 5,000 have been registered with Shincheonji members.

South Korea got the coronavirus under control in March, by testing extensively and detecting the chains of infection.

However, new outbreaks have emerged in recent weeks, and “imported” cases have also risen. On Thursday, authorities reported 60 new confirmed cases and two deaths, bringing the death toll to 293.

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