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South America is the New Focus of the Corona Crisis


While the coronavirus is receding almost everywhere globally, the number of cases is rising sharply in Latin America.


Even in India, still the hardest-hit country, the number of infections is now falling steadily. Especially Uruguay and Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Chile now seem to be in the firing line.

In recent weeks you could read here that India was particularly hit by a new corona wave. People died on the street because there was no room in the hospitals, and there was a significant shortage of oxygen. However, the numbers have been moving in the right direction in the past week, decreasing infections and deaths. Nevertheless, India is still suffering greatly.

Elsewhere in the world, the virus is being reduced at a rapid pace. This is the case in North America and Europe, where vaccination campaigns have now really picked up speed. In our country, too, the numbers are steadily decreasing.

This seems to be the case in Asia as well, with a few exceptions such as Malaysia, which again goes into almost complete lockdown for two weeks and in Japan and Taiwan, where the number of infections also suddenly rises.

The good news is for Africa. Just like last year, the number of cases seems to remain very limited. Africa and Oceania appear to be and remain the most “clean” regions globally in terms of corona infections. There is no immediate explanation, but the number of foreign contacts may be much lower than in Europe or North America.

Oceania, Australia and New Zealand also enjoy splendid isolation, which clearly hampers the entry of corona cases.

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