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Sony Wants to Make Memory Expansion Possible for PS5 This Summer


Sony wants to prepare the Playstation 5 (PS5) this summer for an internal memory expansion. Business news site Bloomberg reports this.


At the moment, it is difficult for users to expand the memory of the PS5, while the latest games consume a lot of memory.

A firmware update allows the fans to run faster to prevent the extra memory from overheating the console. Firmware is software programmed into the hardware.

It is, as it were, between software, which is easy to overwrite, and hardware – the physical parts of the console that cannot be changed in principle.

Currently, the standard edition of the PS5 comes with about 667 GB of memory, while the latest Call of Duty game already consumes 133 GB of memory. Due to the design of the PS5, loading times are a lot faster, but it is difficult to connect an external hard drive.

It can only be used for older PS4 games. With the planned firmware update, users can remove the plastic cover from the Playstation and install additional memory themselves.

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