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Snug Yourself with Chic Bridal Winter Wear


Brides can elegantly warm themselves up in cold, chilly weather without compromising on their style and looks. If you are a jittery bride, go for a cool leather jacket, or if you are the one who chooses to keep all the conventions intact in your wedding dress, then it is preferable that you opt for a lavish cashmere coat.

Otherwise, it is possible that you take with yourself a serious cold on the way to your honeymoon!

A bride wearing a sweater appeared on the front cover of New York magazine 2012 graced an unconventional look and inspired the viewers. The soft and smooth texture of the sweater gave a romantic touch to her bridal dress meanwhile offering a new room of thought for the brides to complement their day.

So, nowadays the bridal dresses are taking a 360-degree turn from traditional gowns to bridal jumpers, sweaters and wedding knits.

Similarly, if the winter wear of mother of the bride is taken into consideration, a dressy jacket or a shrug can complement her graceful look at her daughter’s dream wedding.

Guests at the winter wedding can also flaunt their evening gowns and cocktail dresses with faux fur jackets, coat or stole. The short and cropped faux fur jackets are back in style nowadays to complement the occasion in the most glamorous way.

Winter wear for the mother of a bride:
Deciding the mother’s dress on her wedding day is the most cherished moment for a daughter, and it requires careful contemplation especially keeping a sheer eye on the latest trends for the older generation.

You want to keep your mom cosy and content on your big day so decide upon the smartest cover-up which will provide a concluding touch to her outfit.

• Choose the matching
Some dresses have a matching jacket or bolero with them already but if they don’t then choose the right winter wear is not difficult. If you take into consideration both the amount and the colour of the coverup.

 A wool wrap, a long coat or a fur stole can be worn over the cardigan or shrug in chilly weddings. Also choose the correct shade, a black, grey or cream texture bolero, cardigan or coat can be a preferable choice for the mother of a bride about the grace she adheres on her daughter’s wedding.

• Modern and traditional look:
If your mother wishes to appear classically elegant, then go for wraps that complement her dress. So, keeping in mind the demand for a traditional topper with a lace shrug and beaded embroidery would make her day.
You can give her outfit a modern touch with a dark satin bolero that has collars and three-fourth sleeves. This can be one of her most desired collection in her wardrobe after her daughter’s big day.

Traditionally, it’s the brides who adorn her day wearing the majestic white gown; however, times are changing. Modern brides now choose to beautify their mothers in white and cream shades so a white jacket on the white dress can give a neat monochromatic look.

• Subtle shimmer:
Well, you can also let your mother sparkle on your wedding day with a shimmery jacket as they are a nod to the trend nowadays. Sequins weaved in a floral pattern on the net tops can give a charismatic shine to the outfit.

Dressing for a causal wedding:
Spring into style the pastel and neutral colour scarves as you would definitely opt for something to toss on your shoulders. This light option will keep your comfort intact by keeping you not too warm at the reception.

A cropped cardigan that stops at your waist can give you a flattering look and is blended with the ultra-causal wedding.

So, where does it all take us? Your dream wedding can have all the necessary accessories along with a pair of comfy shoes, but in chilly weathers, you can complement your bridal wear in either the chicest fashion or pertain to the traditional overalls such as coats.

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