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Russia Claims Not to have Sent Troops to Donbas Yet

Russia has said it has not yet sent troops to pro-Russian republics in the eastern Ukraine region of Donbas. It has no plans “at the moment”, but troops will be sent in case of a “threat,” the foreign ministry in Moscow said.


However, several Russian media outlets have reported that military vehicles have already crossed the border.

President Vladimir Putin announced on Monday that he would send so-called peacekeepers to the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk after recognizing them as independent states.

Also, according to Donetsk separatist leader Denis Pushilin, there are no Russian troops in the area under his control. “We want to rely on our own strength,” he said on television. So he decided last weekend, like the leader of Luhansk, on a general mobilization of reservists.

Pushilin said to ask for military aid from Moscow only if necessary. He said the evacuation of civilians to Russia continues because of the shelling.

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