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Republicans and Democrats Doubt on Fair Americans Elections


Americans are very concerned about the fairness of the upcoming presidential elections, regardless of their political preference, a poll has revealed.


About half of the voters surveyed fear that the ballot box in November will lead to fraud as a result of voting by post.

This is also the position of Republican President Donald Trump, who lags behind polls he questions.

The Reuters and Ipsos poll was held just before Trump in a tweet on Thursday suggested that the election be postponed. He said that under the current circumstances and with the votes by mail, there could be no fair ballot.

He even has nothing to say about postponement, because the presidential elections are enshrined in the constitution and have not yet been postponed during the civil war (1861-1865).

Three-quarters of the respondents, both Republican and Democratic voters, were generally concerned about the upcoming elections.

They fear that individual voters will be excluded or that “political forces will organize electoral fraud in attempts to influence the outcome”.

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