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Queen Elizabeth is Preparing for New Record: Most Prime Ministers

Queen Elizabeth II is preparing for a new record. If Boris Johnson steps down and a new prime minister emerges, 96-year-old Elizabeth will be the British monarch who had served the most prime ministers under her.


So far, there have been fourteen prime ministers in her time as queen. This is a record she shares with King George III, who sat on the throne from 1760 to 1820. He also counted fourteen prime ministers. Johnson’s successor will therefore be number fifteen for Elizabeth.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will resign on Thursday, according to British media. His suspected departure follows a new scandal that has led to the resignation of dozens of ministers.

It would be another record for Elizabeth, who has now held her position for seventy years. She is the second longest-serving monarch in history after King Louis XIV of France. Louis XIV kept his throne for more than 72 years. If Elizabeth does not resign or die for another two years, she will become the record holder. She is currently the longest-serving living monarch.

The first Prime Minister Elizabeth worked with was Winston Churchill. It is known from the corridors that he has also remained her favourite. When Churchill stepped down in 1955, the Queen wrote him a letter saying that no successor could take his place.

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