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Prime Minister Boris Johnson: British People Must Stay at Home Least Three Weeks

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced strict measures this evening to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Everyone has to stay at least 3 weeks there, most shops in the country close.


The British are only allowed to leave the house to buy food, to go to the doctor, to go to work (if homework is not possible) and to come out once a day to exercise / exercise.

You can no longer visit family members or friends. Weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies should not take place, and exceptions are made for funerals.

The measures are very similar to the standards that also apply in our country.

Johnson called the coronavirus “the biggest threat the country has faced in decades. If too many people get sick at the same time, health care will not be able to cope.”

“I have a straightforward message for the British people: you must stay at home,” said Johnson. “If you don’t follow these rules, the police will enforce them.”

Until now, Johnson had only advised the population to stay at home as much as possible, but many British people ignored those recommendations.

The fact that the British government has not taken stringent measures so far has already led to much criticism.

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