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Pfizer Expects to Earn More from Sales of Corona Vaccines

Pharmaceutical Pfizer thinks it will earn more this year considerably from the sale of the corona vaccine that the company developed together with BioNTech. As a result, the company is also raising its expectations for the whole year.


That vaccination turned out to be a gold mine for the company because Pfizer also experienced enormous growth in turnover and profit in the second quarter.

Pfizer previously expected to raise $26 billion from sales of the vaccines but increased that by nearly a third to $33.5 billion. That’s because Pfizer has now signed contracts to supply 2.1 billion doses of the vaccine. Pfizer and BioNTech have enough capacity to manufacture 3 billion doses this year.

The overall revenue forecast went up to between $78 and 80 billion. In the second quarter, Pfizer recorded $19 billion in revenue.

Just under 8 billion of that came from the vaccine. However, even without the impact of the vaccine, Pfizer’s sales grew 10 percent. Medicines against cancer and rare diseases, in particular, yielded more. As a result, last quarter profit was $5.6 billion.

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