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Over 100 Cases of Harassment and Stalking in UK Parliament


British MPs have endured more than 100 cases of harassment or stalking in parliament in the past two years. In addition, security could intercept six parliamentarians armed with a knife. That writes the British newspaper Daily Mail on Wednesday.


According to the figures from the Daily Mail, there were as many as 117 cases of “harassment” or “stalking” between early 2020 and September this year. Most of the alleged incidents, such as threats in letter form, probably took place online or elsewhere and not in parliament itself. As many as six knives were intercepted at the entrance of the building.

Labor MP Rosie Duffield said the number of incidents is likely to be much higher. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the real figure is three times higher.” According to Duffield, many MPs do not report the threats to the police. “They are used to harassment or not even aware of it because their employees are handling it.”

In October, the assassination of politician David Amess sparked debate over the safety of British MPs. Amess was the second MP in five years to be killed in his own constituency after Labour’s Jo Cox in 2016.

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