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Obama Against Demonstrators: Stop Violence and Make Precise Demands

Former US President Barack Obama has sharply criticized the violent riots of recent days. He also advises demonstrators to make precise demands and to enforce change through local politics.


In the US, great unrest arose after the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after the brutal police action.

Obama writes in an opinion piece on the Medium website that many people wonder how to enforce real changes.

The former president calls on people not to stare blindly at who is in the White House. He says that local politics have a lot of influence on the police.

For example, mayors appoint police chiefs and prosecutors who decide whether officers are prosecuted for misconduct.

Obama says he strongly disagrees with people who say that voting is useless.

He calls demonstrating a means to draw attention to injustice, but he also thinks it is important to vote for politicians who want to reform.

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