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North Korean Leader Wants More Anti-Virus Measures

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un told the board of his communist party that all channels through which the new coronavirus could come to North Korea should be sealed off.


He said there are “first-class measures” against the virus. The fight is “a political matter that determines the destiny of the country”.

Kim Jong-un has also started looking at military exercises, according to the KCNA State Press Agency. KCNA showed a photo of Kim surrounded by soldiers with mouth masks.

North Korea has not officially detected any cases of the new virus. After the virus appeared, Kim disappeared for more than three weeks, in January and February, from the public domain. He was again present at a ceremony on 16 February.

Neighbouring country South Korea is struggling with the highest number of infection cases after China.

3150 cases have been found, and seventeen patients have succumbed to the condition. The South Korean government has called on the people to stay home as much as possible this weekend and not to go to meetings or celebrations.

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