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No Agreement on Brexit Before the End of This Month

The final round of negotiations on the UK-EU relationship has come to an end with “significant disagreements”.


There is, therefore, no chance that there will be an agreement at the end of this month, as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had hoped. But British negotiator David Frost said it is still quite possible that an agreement will be reached in September.

British media reported on Thursday that Johnson has refused to admit anything in the fishing rights negotiations and that they have stalled.

The British left the European Union after a referendum in 2016 this year. Everything will remain the same until the beginning of next year. However, agreements must be made about the relationship after the transition phase.

If this is not successful, a Brexit without agreements threatens with potentially very damaging consequences, for example for trade between Great Britain and the continent and relations between the British part of Ireland (Northern Ireland) and the Irish republic.

However, Frost stressed that “positive discussions” have also been held on issues such as reciprocal trade in goods and services, transport issues, social security cooperation and UK participation in EU projects such as those related to crime.

But Frost said there could be no bargaining with certain British principles because they are not negotiating points, but facts. It should be clear, according to Frost, that his country will be completely independent at the end of the transition phase.

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