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Nissan Talks About Building A Large British Battery Factory


In advanced talks with the British government about constructing a significant battery factory for electric cars in the United Kingdom, the Japanese car group Nissan Motor is in advanced talks with the British government.


According to the business newspaper Financial Times, that giant factory should be located near the Nissan factory in Sunderland.

According to insiders, the talks would have accelerated after the Brexit deal between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Nissan would like to receive tens of millions of pounds in funding from the British government for the project, lowering energy costs.

The aim is then for the Sunderland plant to make 200,000 electric cars annually, with additional jobs for thousands of employees. This would make the UK the leading production site for Nissan’s electric vehicles outside Japan.

A formal announcement from Nissan about the battery factory may be released this summer. Currently, the company in Sunderland is already making batteries on a smaller scale for the electric Nissan Leaf.

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