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Nearly 20,000 People Evacuated Due to Severe Flooding in Australia

In southeastern Australia, nearly 20,000 people have already been evacuated from severe flooding caused by torrential downpours that have ravaged the area for days.


“It has been raining non-stop for seven days: I’ve never seen this here,” says a Fleming who lives in the big city of Sydney.

While New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, was hit by wildfires two years ago, 18,000 people have already been evacuated due to severe flooding.

“I don’t know when we have ever faced such a succession of meteorological extremes in history and the midst of a pandemic,” said Gladys Berejiklian, Prime Minister of New South Wales.

Floods of this order have not occurred since 1961. 38 regions have been declared disaster areas. The Mid North Coast, north of Sydney, is the worst affected area. In some cities, more rain fell in a few hours than otherwise in three months.

Emergency workers go with boats on the spot. Casualties are admittedly unreported as a miracle at this time.

“I’ve never seen this before.”

Rivers in the area have burst their banks. The Warragamba reservoir, which supplies the large city of Sydney with drinkable water, has been flooded. Houses in busy suburbs are partly underwater.

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