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NATO Continues to Support Afghan Government as Much as Possible


NATO will continue to support the Afghan government and security forces as much as possible, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said after emergency talks with alliance ambassadors.


More and more Western countries are closing their embassies in the capital Kabul and bringing their personnel to safety as the radical Islamist Taliban advances rapidly.

“The alliance is deeply concerned about the violence caused by the Taliban offensive, including attacks on citizens, targeted killings and information of other serious human rights violations,” said the NATO chief.

“The Taliban must comprehend that they will not be recognized by the international community if they take the country by force. We continue to support a political solution to the conflict.”

NATO will remain diplomatically represented in Kabul and will adapt if necessary to developments in the country, the Norwegian said. “The safety of our personnel is paramount. Moreover, we are constantly interacting with the Afghan establishments and the rest of the international communal.”

NATO ended its military operation in Afghanistan last month after nearly twenty years.

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