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Most Famous Certifications for Basic Cybersecurity


The cyber-world is spreading out but so are the number of attacks it has to face and defend itself against on a daily basis. It won’t be an understatement to say that when it comes to the cyber attackers, we are outnumbered by a huge margin. This is why the IT industry is in dire need of people who can help make their networks securer, ensure more public awareness and more importantly choose it as their desired career paths.

To help you decide, we have compiled up a list of top 5 certifications that you can get yourself acquitted with to get your skills verified as a professional cybersecurity expert.

MTA Security Fundamentals
This one certificate, Microsoft Technology Associates, is meant to target the high school and college students who have yet to choose on their career paths are looking for something which is more basic and entry-level as we say.
It is for this reason why it even works for those who are already working and would like to change their careers now. It focuses more on the basics of network, software knowledge and the principles of operating systems. To pass this exam, it is recommended that one knows Windows and its related networks.

GIAS gears GISF towards producing personals who are more suited to be managers, system administrators, and security officers. It gives them the knowledge needed to have a better overview of the security and the principles needed to create better networks. This enables them to create better risk management plans, security measures and recovery plans in case of disasters.

CompTIA Security+
Security+ is one of the most known entry-level certifications that we have around. It covers a wide range of topics that include those related to threats and vulnerabilities a network might face, cryptography, network security, applications and implementation of risk management and data security hosting plans.
However, for CompTIA, one would need to have at least two years of experience in the relevant field. More so, they would have to take Network+ exam to be eligible to take the Security+ exam.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate: ISACA CSX
The people who are a part of the security industry are aware of ISACA for their ever so famous certifications: CISA and CISM. The CSX, however, is relatively new to the ISACA community. It was designed to fill in the entry-level gap which the previous certifications failed at.
Hence, this one is more suited for those who are seeking to change their career paths or have recently graduated. Some of the concerned areas it tends to cover include network, system principles, and architecture, the security of technology along with data security.

These certifications surely will help you get on the right path and make you more prepared for what needs to be done to make organisations and businesses more secure. Make sure that your businesses get the much-needed cybersecurity certifications to stay prepared for any security breaches.

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