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More Than 23,000 Coronavirus Deaths in the US Already

The number of coronavirus deaths in the United States has passed 23,000. The American site Worldometers, which keeps a close eye on the situation, reported on Monday that 23,252 people have died of the disease.


It does not yet include data from the states of Massachusetts, Illinois and Connecticut, among others.

Governor Andrew Cuomo previously announced that there are now more than 10,000 corona deaths in New York State, most of them in New York City. New Jersey (now 2,443 deceased patients) and Michigan (1602) are also severely affected.

Besides, many cases of infection are added every day, at least 20,000 on Monday. In New York, the curve of the increase does flatten.

For Cuomo, that was reason to look forward to the moment when the crisis comes under control with colleagues from five neighbouring states in the northeast.

They decided to form a broad panel with representatives from all walks of life to develop a strategy for the gradual removal of the restrictions imposed when the time is right. The main goal is to get the economy going again.

Massachusetts may also join New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Rhode Island.

Later in the day, the eastern coastal states of California, Oregon and Washington also formed such a partnership, without specifying a time frame.

Moreover, President Donald Trump already said that he is making decisions about reopening the companies and the schools and not the governors of the states.

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