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More Countries are Opting for Sputnik V the Russian Vaccine Against Corona


More and more countries are opting for Sputnik V, the Russian vaccine against corona. Its developer, the Gamaleja Institute in Moscow, is proud. But it has had to overcome a lot of global suspicions.


Before the corona pandemic, the national epidemiology and microbiology research centre, named after N.F. Gamaleja, relatively unknown.

As far as scientific results are concerned, it did not appear in the top 100 of the journal Nature or even in the Russian top 50 university institutions.

But when the dangerous coronavirus advanced to Russia from China and Europe a year ago, the name Gamaleja was suddenly dead on all Russian lips.

In collaboration with the scientific centre of virology and biotechnology Vektor in Novosibirsk, the staff committed to the fight against the coronavirus.

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