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Monsieur David “A Voice That Comes from the soul…”

Monsieur David is a famous recording artist and has made a big name as a singer too. He clearly describes his time, which he had spent in his stay in France, Germany, and Israel. He launched his very first album named AdonOlam, which was a complete pop mix and based on the eclectic theme. The album was a perfect inspiration from French-based Chansons and brought out a comprehensive interpretation of melodies and Hebrew texts.

He underway playing the piano when he was 7 years old. When he turned 10, he made his way into the singing profession. He took the classic training in singing from Germany and France through some famous artists. At the age of 16, he unquestionable to move into a career as being a professional artist. But he made his mind to finish his studies first, and therefore he pursues his education in engineer, business and politics.

At the age of 21, he kaput his master’s degree, and after that point, he made the start of his incredible international career journey. After seven years of his career start, he set-up his own company through which he is associated with different government organisations for introducing sustainable projects. Find his website by visiting this URL:

In 2018 he came up with the launch of his label under which he launches his album as “Adon Olam.” It was like a dream come right feeling for him. This album was a complete dedication for the Jewish based heritage music and all the travellers in this world.

Almost all of his albums are based on the inspirational touch of Jewish music and highlight the traditional aspects of spiritual and modernism in society. Currently, he is working on some latest released as well as some fantastic musical projectors for 2019.

He is truly an inspirational singer, you can follow Monsieur David at Instagram:!

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