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Moderna Tests Possible Vaccines Against Monkeypox

Corona vaccine maker Moderna is testing potential monkeypox vaccines. The trials are still in an early phase, Moderna has not yet provided more details about the vaccines.


The recent monkeypox outbreak is unusual but remains manageable for now, the World Health Organization reported earlier. The disease virus is actually only common in parts of Africa but also appeared in Europe on 7 May.

Since then, 131 cases have been registered in 19 countries and a further 106 suspected cases. Cases have also been discovered in the Netherlands.

To nip the monkeypox outbreak in the bud, Germany has ordered 40,000 doses of the Imvanex smallpox vaccine. If the virus continues to spread, authorities want to vaccinate people who had close contact with an infected person.

The vaccine also helps against monkeypox, even immediately after infection.

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