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Microsoft’s Bing Can Take Over Google’s Role in Australia

Microsoft’s search engine Bing could jump into the gap that would arise if Google removes its search engine from the Australian market.


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said this after a conversation with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

The statements come after Google threatened to leave Australia last month due to new legislation requiring them to pay for using news. Tech giants from Facebook to Google are fighting Australian lawmakers over the new legislation. It is intended to support the local media industry. Facebook has threatened to stop Australians from sharing news on its platform if the law is passed.

According to Prime Minister Morrison’s words, Microsoft appears to be more constructive. The company does not want to comment on the talks with the Australian government. Still, according to a spokeswoman, “Microsoft recognizes the challenges that the media industry has faced over many years due to changing business models and consumer preferences.”

Google controls 94 percent of the search market in Australia, and Bing is a small number two.

Google previously said that it is not against paying media because the company also does this in other countries. The search giant does want the direct link between showing a link to news and paying for it from the law.

According to Google, that point is ‘unworkable’ and undermines how to open internet works. According to Google, it is also impossible to pass on every change in the search algorithms to publishers because thousands would be annual. The company only wants to share the relevant changes.

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