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Messi Above Van Dijk Voted The Best Footballer In The World

Messi above Van Dijk voted the Best Footballer in the World. Lionel Messi can call himself the best football player in the world for a year. With that, he trumps Virgil van Dijk and Ronaldo.


At a gala of world football association FIFA, Messi received the title World footballer of the year.

For years Messi and Ronaldo were the only serious contenders for the prize, but last year the Croat Luka Modrić took it off.

And this year they also had close competition with Virgil van Dijk.

Great year
It is the sixth time for Messi to win the prize.

The winner is chosen by journalists, fans and national coaches and leaders of all national teams.

Messi became Spain’s champion last year with FC Barcelona,

 and he won the Golden Shoe as the top scorer of all European competitions with 36 goals in the Spanish league.

In the Champions League, Barcelona was eliminated in the semi-final by Liverpool from Virgil van Dijk.

Because Van Dijk eventually won the Champions League, he was considered a strong competition for Messi.

Also, he and his club were second in the English Premier League,

 and he reached the final of the Nations League with the Orange.

Van Dijk previously won the title of European footballer of the year and was voted best player of the English league.

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