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Long-Awaited Report Critical of Parties at Johnson’s Official Residence

Multiple gatherings of British government officials in and around Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official residence should not have taken place, senior official Sue Gray writes in her long-awaited investigation into ‘party gate’.


Johnson’s leadership has been flawed, the 12-page report says. The behaviour of the employees is not justifiable, and lessons must be learned that the government must immediately apply.

The government was handed over the partially censored report earlier Monday and made it public a few hours later. Johnson will make a statement in parliament later in the afternoon. London Police, who are also investigating the meetings, has asked that details from Gray’s report be withheld so that the police investigation can be conducted without prejudice.

The findings could land Johnson in severe trouble and possibly even force him to resign. Some party members have already indicated that he must leave. Under his Conservative Party rules, 15 percent (54 out of 359) of deputies must request a leadership vote from the party board. If more than half subsequently vote to resign, Johnson’s premiership ends, and another conservative becomes prime minister.

Johnson himself previously said that the corona rules were complied with during the meetings, although he has expressed regret. He has already talked to many parliamentarians of his party before and will address them on Monday evening.

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