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London Postal Workers Stoned to Work After Eating Cannabis-Infused Brownies

The British post has launched an investigation after a video was circulated on social media showing London postmen working stoned after eating cannabis-infused brownies. The “delicacy” came from an unclaimed postal package. British media reported this on Thursday.


“All of Clapham’s (south London) postal workers accidentally ate hash brownies today, and I had to pick them up one by one because they were stoned,” read the caption of the now-deleted video.

The video showed a postman pushing his cart with difficulty, and a colleague could be heard shouting: “You’re stoned”. Then a postman was seen sitting on the floor, and a colleague said, “He ate two”, and the postman on the floor replied, “I ate four”.

The Royal Mail is taking the matter seriously, investigating the appropriate circumstances and assessing the need for disciplinary action. The brownies would come from a postal package that had been there for a month.

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